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Please read the privacy policy so that you will be aware of how we utilize and store information.  This policy also contains information about your options.  

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Kid the Future (our, us, we, this site, our site, staff, contributors); Users (you, your, visitor, visitors, buyer, buyers)

Kid the Future is serious about protecting your privacy, and we take the necessary steps to do so.  We will NOT disclose or share any personal/private information without expressed consent from you, the visitor/user, which will only be requested for the purposes of authorized communication between you and Kid the Future as permitted by you.  

We will NOT sell your information!

When you opt in to a third party’s email list, your email address is provided to that third party.  You will need to read their respective policies for information as we are only responsible for how we use the information you provide Kid the Future. 

We have no control over third party policies.

Visitors to are advised to use discretion when posting personal information in public forums and platforms as it can be used by an unintended or unauthorized third party.

Kid the Future is NOT responsible for these actions or the outcomes resulting from them.


In order to properly and effectively provide you with our products or services, it is necessary that we collect certain information from you.

Personal data we collect to provide our services or products:

  • Name
  • Shipping Information
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Payment and Billing Information (payment method and details)

We use a third-party platform to host our online store. This platform provider may collect information related to your IP address and service data, information about your device and browser, and how you access your account. We are not responsible for the processing of this data.  You are able to adjust your settings as you deem necessary.

We may use Google Analytics and Google’s Display Advertising to learn more about the users of to provide advertising that is beneficial to those in our audience.  You can opt-out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising and customize Google Display Network ads here: Ads Settings


The information collected by is for the purpose of corresponding with and learning more about the Kid the Future community.  The information you provide allows us to personalize content, services, and advertising to make the site more inclusive, useful, and appealing for you.  This information is also used to improve services and interaction with our community.


No. uses a third-party entity to secure the information provided to us.  We feel that this measure enhances the protection and security of your information.


Kid the Future reserves the right to block the use of its domain by visitors or members deemed to be in violation of the Terms of Use agreement.

You decide the level of correspondence you will receive from Kid the Future.  These settings can be changed at any time by accessing your email/registration settings, if applicable.

If after reading the privacy policy you have any questions, please contact us and include “Privacy” in the subject. 

This privacy policy was last updated on November 22, 2019.